How to Naturally Produce Collagen so You Can Be Free From the Effects of Aging

Published: 15th May 2009
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Boy did I learn a valuable lesson. After hearing so much about the power of collagen protein to reverse the effects of aging I couldn't wait to get my hands on a jar of face cream containing this amazing substance. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when it didn't work. Millions of people (maybe you?) have also been taken in by the promise of younger looking skin only to find out that the cosmetic version of this skin-supporting protein has no power to smooth lines and wrinkles. So what is all the fuss behind collagen?

Truth be told, cosmetic science is well aware of the tremendous healing power of collagen protein. However, scientists haven't figured out how to naturally produce collagen the same way that the body does. What they have come up with is a substance that comes close to mimicking this natural healing substance...but not close enough.

The molecules of this artificial protein are too big for the body to absorb and assimilate for an anti aging effect. But that doesn't stop the cosmetic companies from making tons of money off of people who have heard about the powers of collagen protein.

While these powers are real, there is one important piece of information that these people are missing. In order to take advantage of this remarkable anti aging protein you have to know how to naturally produce collagen from within your body. But that's a little misleading. Let me explain.

Your body has an instinct for keeping itself healthy. Given the right nutrition and protection the health of your body can be put on automatic pilot.

Unfortunately, we don't always eat right. We expose ourselves to too much sun and environmental pollutants. The body can only take so much of this before its ability to maintain natural good health is compromised.

Consequently, the skin looses firmness, lines and wrinkles begin to form and age spots begin to appear. Our bones become brittle and we lose mobility in our joints. In short, we age. When all this occurs you can be sure that the production of collagen protein has significantly slowed.

As serious as this situation sounds, it can be reversed. By reactivating healthy cell function with a boost of stimulating nutrients, and protecting the body from further damage your natural production of collagen protein can be kicked back into high gear and you can move toward being free from the effects of aging.

Knowing how to produce collagen naturally means supporting this process with some simple, but important steps: Limit your exposure to the sun. Drink plenty of purified water to prevent a build up of toxins. Add more antioxidant-rich foods to your diet. Provide your skin cells with special, bio-active nutrients which stimulate natural collagen production. Which nutrients, you ask?

Well, I have personally found that my skin has greatly benefited from bio-active ingredients like manuka honey, shea butter, phytessense wakame, babbasu, just to name a few. I've also come across some wonderful plant-based emollients and oils that are great for natural moisture retention.

My research has taught me that natural ingredients are more effective due to their molecular compatibility with our skin. This compatibility allows for ready absorption and immediate delivery of their energizing nutrients.

So make no mistake. You can be free from the effects of aging if you use what you've learned about how to produce collagen naturally. Its simply a matter of supporting your body's own powerful healing ability.

At my web site, I have more important details about how to build your reserves of collagen protein with the help of effective, nature-based ingredients.

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